The original thought behind the band Strip Music was a stripped down minimalist trio formed by Henric de la Cour and Christian Berg while their former band (Yvonne) took a break, which turned out to be permanent. However, more band members joined in during the creative process and the bands sound grew from minimalism to the big dramatic soundscape which has now become the signature of what Strip Music is all about. Few Swedish bands have been, or are, so uncompromising about their musical vision. The concept was simple three chords, big walls of synthesized strings and a hard driving bass drum. A bombastic synth-rock backdrop topped with gorgeous melodies and lyrics overflowing with frustration, desperation and love.

In the fall of 2003, Stockholm based Strip Music performed their first live show and one year later they released their debut self-titled album, containing 10 songs in less than 45 magical minutes. Strip Music received praise in the crème of Swedish press including Sonic Magazine, Dagens Nyheter and Zero Music Magazine. The album provided an opportunity for Strip Music to travel internationally and perform live in England, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Two years later it is time for their follow-up album, with the ambiguous title Hollywood & Wolfman. The big dramatic sound is still intact but this time Strip Music have become even more personal in their musical expression. "Hollywood & Wolfman is bigger and darker than our debut album", singer/lyricist Henric de la Cour states. "This record might not be as easy to embrace, but it grows and grows on you with every listen." It is well worth it in the long run.

Many of the songs are lacking traditional song structures but rely on the distinctive atmosphere and mood created. Strip Musics biggest asset is still to achieve music sounding like a thunder storm while at the same time being soft like a gentle breeze. It is like their music lives within its own little universe. "Our music is not connected to any passing music trend or style", declares Henric. "It is built upon timeless themes."

Hollywood & Wolfman is the sound of something so unusual as a band that paves its own way. Strip Music is a group who dares to listen to nothing else other than their private inner voices. Strip Music follows their very own convictions. In a music climate that is more and more streamlined and slick, Strip Music stand out in their very own way, due to the fact that they are true to themselves. They are willing to point out that the world they live in is not perfect and yet still beautiful and even if it will not get any better than this it is still ok. Perhaps the most important thing is for one to learn and live with it.

Pelle Olofsson, September 2006

Strip Music are:

Henric de la Cour

Christian Berg

Jens Hellqvist

Valdemar Asp

Richard Ankers