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Chris M (Thursday 4 September 2014 05:01)
Miss you guys still!

Oliver from germany (Friday 27 June 2014 16:32)
Hi there , ... \r\nGrenade, Chasing Dark or Shark are again really masterpieces, hope to see you all soon playing live here in germany. \r\n

charlene (Friday 27 June 2014 04:36)
very nice

Chris M (Friday 24 January 2014 18:13)
Miss you guys. Please come back.

strip fan (Friday 20 December 2013 11:40)
where can i find the song \"razorblade\" on mp3 / download?

sophia scalpel (Sunday 10 February 2013 19:46)
come and play berlin! we want some swedish desperation!

Oliver germany (Wednesday 3 October 2012 21:08)
Hey there, any news from Henric or Band Yvonne ?

Oliver from germany (Thursday 6 October 2011 21:07)
Henric´s Solo is amazing. Saw livestuff on youtube. PLAY GERMANY (maybe Yvonne with you...)Saw rar tracks like bear garden etc. on youtube,how can i get?As well the sleepless nights-cdsingle ... dogs? ok i have 3 ...

Ssssssx (Saturday 1 October 2011 09:17)
Come on guys! release a new record- it will make sense as it always did, think positive and don't give up- only that will make you stronger!

Andy (Wednesday 28 September 2011 10:20)
Återförenas! Återförenas nu!

Oliver from germany (Sunday 24 April 2011 20:48)
Hi there. Still interested in sleepless nights cdsingle. Ebay would be great, i don´t want to put mailaddy here ..

p (Wednesday 1 December 2010 17:14)
henric working on a solorecord.. :)

IK (Sunday 14 November 2010 13:11)
whats your mail Oliver?

Oliver from germany (Friday 12 November 2010 17:42)
Hi there !rnStill looking for sleepless nights cds(ebay?) and new stuff,... comments in english would be great ... cheerio

Frozen (Friday 12 November 2010 14:10)
just nu håller en dokumentärfilm om Henric på att spelas in , spännande :Drnman får inte posta länkar i gästboken men testa att söka på följande ord:rnextra extra jacob frossen gor dokumentarfilm om henric de la cour