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Jan 2007

"The tunes keep lingering in your head and I bet it's going to be a live staple for many years to come. With Hollywood & Wolfman this Swedish band should aim high."


Dec 2006

Hollywood & Wolfman is Strip Music’s second full CD. It was released on October 11th in Sweden. Currently not available for sale in North America as a physical CD, though  I was happy to ind that iTunes Canada now has both Hollywood & Wolfman and Strip Music’s self titled debut for sale. So ire up your iTunes and preview their discs!!!

Hollywood & Wolfman is a somewhat somber recording. It features heartfelt lyrics howled over moody synthesizers. H&W will appeal to fans of retro goth music – (The Cure and Sisters of Mercy come to mind) but the band have the talent to garner a pop audience as well. Time will tell. Songs like “Sugar and lime” (the irst single), and the lovely “Bright eyes” will appeal to the discerning retro-pop ear.

Also great are “remarkable life,” and “lucy,” which pull a bit more from the lighter sounds of the irst cd.

Hollywood & Wolfman follows a similar structure to Strip Music’s irst disc. Ten songs. Clocking in at just over 45 minutes long.The songs all seem to low nicely into each other, and the CD has a slower, moody last song to take the listener out of the recording on a high, closing note.Sadly, Strip Music will be compared to the Killers. There’s no way around it. Strip Music rely heavily on synthesizers, and have a sound similar to much of the better synth-pop of yester-year. With the Killers dominating the charts so much in the past few years, Brandon Flowers and company pretty much rule-the- roost when it comes to old-is-new again synth singles. Strip Music are so much more than a band  playing synthesizers which replicate sounds from the eighties. I truly hope they can jump the high hurdle that the Killers have thrown down, and that they can ind their audience on their own merits. (If a cheap comparison to the Killers will get the band a few listens online, then so be it. Check them out. you’ll be happy you did)


March 2005

“Windswept 80’s tinged dirty, stadium rock from Sweden, as cold and refreshing as an arctic blast”

Strip Music - 24 Hours - Blow Up

“Glorious stomp through power pop heaven you say? Remember to take your shoes off before you enter! I’m actually clapping my hands above my head as I type this… between… every… word… I… clap… my… hands… as… if… I… was… watching… the… band… live… at… a… huge… arena… of... Which… I’m… sure… they’ll… be… headlining… soon!”

Review from Eurosonic

Ratatosk online, May 2005´

An online review from the aurosonic festival.
Unfortunatley in dutch only...

Review, concert at The Barfly, London, March 2005

"And, sticking with the Monarch’s joys, we’re still there the following night in time for an early showing from Strip Music. Anybody order a Scandinavian Killers? Hell, yes! There’s precious little stripping occurring in their set – doubtless to much chagrin, since we’re far from talking about the unhandsomest band alive here, with pose’n’pout paragon Henric practically Photostatting posters of himself from the stage – but wondrous, life-affirming music is there in abundance, ripping at the hip and the jugular and marrying sinpop to synth-rock, with Christian being the more Nick Rhodesy of the two keyboard boys by far. There’s a self-titled album of theirs due some time this year; we’ve heard it and, on the evidence of that and this performance, they should, in a fair world, be making Wembley trembly before twelve months are out."

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